Triangular scarf for autumn days

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My friend Isabel invited me for her birthday dinner just a week in advance. So I panicked! I didn’t think I would see her again so soon.  

With only one week to go and little time to carry out my original plan, I had to come up with a quick alternative. My original plan was to make a crocheted poncho. The poncho became a scarf and crocheting was replaced by sewing and so I managed to pull it off in an hour or two. 


I was inspired by “Mama Saartje“‘s tutorial but I made my scarf a bit larger and warmer and added a pom pom trim. I used knit fabric with print for the outside. The inside is made out of warm sweater fabric.

I cut a triangle out of both my fabrics. I measured about 62 centimeters on the fabric fold. This results in a finished length of about 60 cm. The width is the same as the fabric width, in my case 150 cm

2015-10-11 16.07.14

The pom pom trim is sewn on the right side of the fabric, at 1 cm from the edge.

2015-10-11 16.36.44I only used the pom pom trim on both short sides of the scarf and used my zipper foot.


When the pom pom trim was sewn on, I put the sweater fabric and knit fabric together, right sides facing and sewed all along the edge of the triangle. I suggest putting the knit fabric on top so you can see the seam from the pompom trim. 2015-10-11 17.13.57Sew right on top of that seam, all along the triangle leaving an opening of about 10 cm. Turn the whole thing right side out.

To finish the scarf, I topstitched at a few mm from the edge using long stitches. This also closes the small opening.


Fun to make and it makes a great gift! Isabel was happy with it.


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  1. katja

    zo weinig tijd en toch nog tijd om foto’s te nemen tijdens het maken 🙂 xx

  2. odette

    knap en mooi werkje
    gr Odette

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