Timon, my godson and children’s wallet pattern

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Timon p6

8 years ago I became the godmother of a cheerful, lively and very sweet godson that was named “Timon”. And as is the case for a lot of 8-year olds, money is still something fascinating. Timon likes counting his notes and coins and then puts them away safely.

I made him a children’s wallet like in the good old days. I had one with a veclro closure. I remember the sound it made when you opened it. While I was at it, I made a sewing pattern so that others can also make the wallet for their children or as a gift.

Since not all of us like the crackling sound of velcro, I also made a version with snaps..

I found some great testers that made some useful suggestions that were added to the pattern. Here’s just a selection of the wonderful wallets the made:


Lindsey added a ribbon, I added this option to the pattern.11870726_10205845372908153_1891541466105144503_n Marleen Peeters2 Noor Raats1 Noor Raats6 VeerleLoenders

Many thanks to Amanda Dortch for checking the English version of the pattern.

You can find the pattern here.

5 Responses

  1. Nur Fajaria Wardani

    How can i get the pattern for this sewing tutorial

  2. Peggy Sew

    Hi, the pattern can be purchased in my shop but it’s only available in Dutch at the moment. I made an English translation but the translation should be checked first by a native english speaking person. If you’re interested in giving me your feedback about the English version, let me know. You will receive the pattern in return for your feedback.

  3. Amanda

    Hi Peggy,
    I would be happy to read over your English version of the little wallet pattern and help you with that. However, I don’t think I would be interested in the pattern. I just printed off the little zippered pouch pattern, so I’ll take that as payment.

    • Peggy Sew

      That’s so sweet of you! I will send you an email later today.

  4. Sunanda sudhindra

    Nice.but the measurement is confusing.material neaded is 6″zip.but for cutting it shows 12/14.pl help