Joyce organizer tote sewing pattern


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Are you also a creative person that can use a nice bag to organize all your stuff?

Then this organizer tote is the perfect solution for you!

Use it for:
*your sewing supplies
*your crochet materials
*your materials for making jewelry
*…. and so much more

The bag contains 28 small pockets to organize everthing perfectly. A finished bag is about 8″ (20cm) high and has a diameter of about 8,5″ (21,5cm).

You can easily adapt the bag to your needs
* Make one long handle or two short handles (the pattern contains both options)
* Make it with or without drawstring top (the pattern contains both options)
* Make more or less pockets, make them smaller or larger according to your needs.

The pattern was created using computer drawing software. It contains detailed instructions with lots of illustrations.

The bag was named after my friend Joyce. She’s got a very busy life but her house always looks very clean and orderly, so the organizer tote bag could really only have one name: Joyce.


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