Mr. Santa Claus looking for company

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Picture Mr. Santa, all alone in the snow, dragging a heavy bag around, looking a bit lonely…. I thought he deserved some female company.

That’s how Mrs. Santa was born. To complete the family happiness, I added a cute little baby.

mr and mrs santa

As a pattern designer, you always have to think ahead. That’s why I was crocheting Christmas figures in the middle of summer and people thought I was crazy. It wasn’t always easy to picture the snow, the cold and everything else that comes with the Christmas season, but in the end a cute couple with baby moved into my house. My cat Penny didn’t really like the new intruders so I had to save Mrs. Santa from her claws.


I found some wonderful testers from Belgium and the USA who were also keen on crocheting Christmas figures in summer. Take a look at the great results they came up with!

Katja H. used Catania Grande, a thicker yarn, so her Santa Claus became a beautiful giant that mesures about 30 cm or 12″. She added a fluffy colar to Mrs. Santa.


Debi B. gave Mr. Santa two green gloves to protect him from the cold and she made him wave at us.


Sweetheart T. also made the couple and baby. She added colored eyes and put some nice gifts in Santa’s bag. And what’s more, she came up with a great idea for a new pattern that will be released soon!



Did you also make Mr. or Mrs. Santa? I’m really curious to see them!  You can find the patterns here

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  1. Peggy

    They’re all wonderful.

    • vranckaert cathy

      mooie patronen

  2. vranckaert cathy

    mooie patronen