Christmas in Summer

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Starting on time is half the battle.

It’s still a few months before Christmas but if you want to make your own original Christmas decorations you better start well in time.

This year I lost my heart to designing mini amigurumis and so I really wanted to make a Santa couple for the mini series.


During the launch week, the patterns are available with a 25% discount.

These cute minis are about 10cm/4″ high. You don’t need a lot of materials.

I used a 3mm crochet hook with Catona cotton and Nuvola fun fur yarn. You also need some safety eyes and soft synthetic stuffing.


2016-07-30 18.48.49 2016-07-30 18.58.58

For this test I looked for some extra English speaking crocheters and so I welcomed new people in my test group from England, the USA and even Australia. Everyone was really enthousiastic to get started with the Santa patterns. I’m very pleased I can share all their great results with you. They did a fantastic job.

Do you also want to make your own mini Christmas dolls? The patterns are available both as separate patterns and in a set with a promotional price.

Mini Mr. Santa

Mini Mrs. Santa


Materials DIY crochet kit


Samantha Boreham

Samantha Boreham

Sandra Priest 2

Sandra Priest

Linda banker Muller

Linda Banker Muller

MaLinda Plant

MaLinda Plant


Peggy Jueden

Kathy Ahmad

Kathy Ahmad


Melinda Ward

KatjaKatja Heylen

Roshana WittingRoshana Witting

Samantha BorehamSamantha Boreham

Pauline Marsh

Pauline Marsh


Malinda Plant


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