Crochet pattern, “Ralph the Rabbit magician”

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Ralph is a clumsy magician. He tries his best to make the rabbits appear in the basket on the table but instead the rabbits hide in his hat, behind his shoulder and under the table.

Ralph the Rabbit Magician - crochet pattern Peggy Sew

Ralph is my entry for the annual design contest organized by This year’s theme was “Circus” and we had to design a circus character.

Ralph is not an ordinary magician. He has a special hat with a hole in the middle in which rabbits can hide. He’s also got a cute mustache. It was one of my testers, Debbie Schell Kirkland, who suggested the name “Ralph” to me and I immediatly liked it. You can vote for my design through the following link:

The pattern itself can be found here

And of course my testers came first to try out this new design. These are some great examples of their work based on my pattern:

Nicole Goelen made an identical twin brother for Ralph. Look at the magician holding the rabbit in one of his hands ūüôā


Katja Heylen added two curls to the moustache. I love the colors she used.

katja heylen

Saundra Shackleford also did a great job. She added two small buttons and she placed the bow a bit higher, which also creates a great effect. By changing the color of the suit, it looks like he’s wearing¬†a pair of¬†pants and a shirt.


Debi Blaw made this cute guy. The grey she used almost looks like silver, very shiny and great for a magician.

Debi Blaw

This is Marianne Vanderveken’s magician. Here you can see the suit very clearly. The bunny is well made too isn’t it.


Beth Schwinn Syme used a color combination that really makes the magician stand out.  She also added a small mouth with just one thread. Also a nice idea.

Beth Swinn 2

I think it’s great to see so much¬†variety just by using different colors and adding small personal details. ¬†If you decide to make Ralph, I welcome your photos for the gallery.

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