Crochet coin purse with metal frame

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I saw these coin purses pop up several times on social media. So I decided to have a go at it myself and to be honest, I became a fan fast:) It ‘s a nice little project in between two bigger ones. They are easy to make and handy in use.

2015-09-20 12.50.50

You can find several tutorials online and it’s not too hard to figure out yourself how to make them, but if you want a good tutorial to start with, I recommend the one by Crochets4U.

My metal frame is about 8,5cm wide and 6 cm high. I used Rio cotton and hook n°3. I started with a magic circle and increased each round until I had 60 stitches in the last round. You might end up with a different number, depending on the size of your frame and yarn. For the blue version I crocheted 17 rounds with 1 stitch in each stitch around. For the one with mixed colors I only made 16 but the blue one is my favorite. One round makes all the difference.

I used a back stitch to attach the crocheted part onto the metal frame.  When you fasten off, leave a thread of about 1m. That should be sufficient to sew the whole thing together.

*Press the crocheted edge into the groove behind the holes in the metal frame and take a tapestry needle. Start your first stitch in the second hole to the left from the hinge.

2015-09-20 12.07.29

* Then put your needle in the first stitch to the left from the hinge.

2015-09-20 12.08.18

* Continue in the third hole. Repeat until you covered tall the holes.

2015-09-20 12.09.27

You should end up with a nice seam on your metal frame. .


Be careful when you pull the thread through the holes. The edges of the holes can be a bit sharp so they can damage your thread

I don’t like too much decoration but I used a button to add a nice little detail.


If you want to give these coin purses a try, have fun and please share your creations with us. Be aware, crocheting coin purses can soon become addictive 😉

6 Responses

  1. Tinne

    Super mooie portemonneetjes!
    Waar haal jij de frames?

    • Peggy Sew

      Bedankt voor de feedback! Ik heb de frames in het groot gekocht. Ik sta op 4 okotober op de hobbybeurs in Hoegaarden en neem ze dan mee. Degene die ik over heb zet ik daarna online. Je kan de frames vast ook wel in hobbywinkels vinden hoor.

  2. Joke Decorte

    Mooie creaties van je !
    En dank je voor de link naar mijn blog 🙂

  3. jeff

    je kan de frames ik noem ze beugeltjes in de action kopen oor 1 euro maar ze zijn wel niet altijd binnen

    • Peggy Sew

      Inderdaad, daar heb ik er recent ook gezien.

  4. Yashashri

    I have crocheted a purse.. I have got a clutch metal frame for the same.. could you please guide me on how to attach/sew on..