Tiny Santa, free crochet pattern

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Last year I bought some empty glass Christmas balls. One of them became the home of mini Rudolph. This year another ball got a resident: a tiny Santa.

Since I’m already into the Christmas spirit, I would love to share this pattern with you. It’s available for free in English, Spanish, Dutch and French.

You can find the link to get your copy of this pattern at the bottom of this page.

Tiny Santa amigurumi- Peggy Sew

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Christmas in Summer

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Starting on time is half the battle.

It’s still a few months before Christmas but if you want to make your own original Christmas decorations you better start well in time.

This year I lost my heart to designing mini amigurumis and so I really wanted to make a Santa couple for the mini series.


During the launch week, the patterns are available with a 25% discount.

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Mini Raccoon, free crochet pattern

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Today I celebrate the release of my first real ebook “Life around the Forest Home” and I want you to celebrate with me!

That’s why I like to share the twentieth and final pattern of my ebook with you. If you love raccoons and would like to make one yourself, then this is a pattern for you. At the end of this post you will find a link to obtain your free copy of the pattern.

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New Release: Coco doll pattern and…. promo code

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Who hasn’t got a “Little black dress” in her wardrobe? Since I never saw an amigurumi doll with a classic “Litlle black dress” I thought it was time to make one. That’s why I soon thought of Coco Chanel who designed this classic garment.


It wasn’t hard to come up with a name for this doll: “Coco”

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New amigurumi pattern: Isabel doll

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A New Year, a new pattern: the Isabel doll. For children a doll is precious friend, a friend that accompanies them on good and bad days, a playmate…

This doll was named after my dear friend Isabel, Our friendship already lasts for 20 years.


The reactions of my testers immediatly showed that Isabel was a special doll. Never before I received so much response after asking who wanted to test the pattern.

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Crochet pattern, “Ralph the Rabbit magician”

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Ralph is a clumsy magician. He tries his best to make the rabbits appear in the basket on the table but instead the rabbits hide in his hat, behind his shoulder and under the table.

Ralph the Rabbit Magician - crochet pattern Peggy Sew

Ralph is my entry for the annual design contest organized by Amigurumipatterns.net. This year’s theme was “Circus” and we had to design a circus character.

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Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, free crochet pattern

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Just recently I saw these beautiful empty glass balls and I decided to buy them. Since I love making amigurumis, I decided to crochet a mini Rudolph and a Christmas tree to decorate them.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, free crochet pattern

You can find the pattern at the end of this post if you want to make your own mini Rudolph with tree.

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Bathrobe for Alyssa, DIY

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Alyssa, my friend Runa’s daughter, celebrated her first birthday in October. I never let a good opportunity pass to sew a gift for someone. I made her a warm bathrobe and I used a free pattern that I found here.

The original patterns is written in Russian but you can find the sizes you need in the table with a link to print the pattern. The pattern does not include seam allowance. With some help from google translate and some imagination I made this bathrobe. I used knit fabric with print for the outside and toweling fabric for the inside. You can also use cotton instead of knit fabric.


For those of you who also want to give the pattern a try, these are the steps that I followed:

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Triangular scarf for autumn days

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My friend Isabel invited me for her birthday dinner just a week in advance. So I panicked! I didn’t think I would see her again so soon.  

With only one week to go and little time to carry out my original plan, I had to come up with a quick alternative. My original plan was to make a crocheted poncho. The poncho became a scarf and crocheting was replaced by sewing and so I managed to pull it off in an hour or two. 


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My cherry dress

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I really wanted to make a cherry dress, and I finally have one! It’s a super nice dress to wear. People look a bit funny at me when they see the abundance of cherries, but at age 35, I decided to just wear what I like to wear. I used the Ariel dress pattern by La Maison Victor (Edition Sept-Oct 2015), and I modified it here and there. I already made this dress once before so I knew what I had to pay attention to this time.

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Amigurumi elf test

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Within an hour after making my request for testers, I already had a handful of very enthousiastic people who wanted to try my new elf pattern.


They crocheted very fast and I already received the first results after a few days.

The idea to make an elf was given to me by Sweethart T, one of my American testers. When she finished Santa Claus she asked me if I could make an elf.

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How to install a slider on a continuous zipper

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Unknown, unloved? This was the case for me with continuous zippers, but since I discovered them, I rarely use anything else.

I make a lot of bags and continuous zippers are a great solution for bags and pouches. They exist in lots of different colors and they are much cheaper than other zippers. It’s easy to cut them to the desired length and the leftovers can be used for other projects.

For those who want to give it a try, I made this video that shows in a few easy steps how to install a slider on a continuous zipper.

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Mr. Santa Claus looking for company

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Picture Mr. Santa, all alone in the snow, dragging a heavy bag around, looking a bit lonely…. I thought he deserved some female company.

That’s how Mrs. Santa was born. To complete the family happiness, I added a cute little baby.

mr and mrs santa

As a pattern designer, you always have to think ahead. That’s why I was crocheting Christmas figures in the middle of summer and people thought I was crazy. Read More

Crochet coin purse with metal frame

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I saw these coin purses pop up several times on social media. So I decided to have a go at it myself and to be honest, I became a fan fast:) It ‘s a nice little project in between two bigger ones. They are easy to make and handy in use.

2015-09-20 12.50.50

You can find several tutorials online and it’s not too hard to figure out yourself how to make them, but if you want a good tutorial to start with, I recommend the one by Crochets4U.

My metal frame is about 8,5cm wide and 6 cm high. I used Rio cotton and hook n°3. I started with a magic circle and increased each round until I had 60 stitches in the last round. Read More

DIY, Multi purpose zipper pouch, free pattern in 5 sizes

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Zipper pouches exist in all sizes and shapes. Do you have a favorite one? I do! Mi favorite one is soft, has a flat bottom and it can be used it for lots of different things. .

Since I made one and posted a photo somewhere, several people asked me where I got the pattern from, so here it is. I made it in five different sizes and in a printable PDF format. Nothing worse than having to start drawing the pattern yourself when you want to start sewing. So go ahead and CLICK HERE TO PICK UP YOUR COPY OF THE PATTERN. Print without resizing.


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Timon, my godson and children’s wallet pattern

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A new website, a new plan: write some blog posts from time to time!

Timon p6

8 years ago I became the godmother of a cheerful, lively and very sweet godson that was named “Timon”. And as is the case for a lot of 8-year olds, money is still something fascinating. Timon likes counting his notes and coins and then puts them away safely.

I made him a children’s wallet like in the good old days. Read More