Bathrobe for Alyssa, DIY

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Alyssa, my friend Runa’s daughter, celebrated her first birthday in October. I never let a good opportunity pass to sew a gift for someone. I made her a warm bathrobe and I used a free pattern that I found here.

The original patterns is written in Russian but you can find the sizes you need in the table with a link to print the pattern. The pattern does not include seam allowance. With some help from google translate and some imagination I made this bathrobe. I used knit fabric with print for the outside and toweling fabric for the inside. You can also use cotton instead of knit fabric.


For those of you who also want to give the pattern a try, these are the steps that I followed:


Print the pattern and cut out the pattern pieces as follows

* front panel: 2x knit fabric, 2x toweling fabric

* back panel on fold: 1x knit fabric, 1x toweling fabric

* sleeves: 2x knit fabric, 2x toweling fabric

* hood: 2x knit fabric, 2x toweling fabric

* belt on fold: 1x knit fabric, 1x toweling fabric

step 1) Sew shoulders of front and back panels together.

2015-10-25 17.41.35

step 2) Sew sleeves and shoulders together.2015-10-25 17.51.00

step 3) Sew both parts of the hood together, right sides matching.

step 4) Sew the hood to the neck opening

2015-10-25 17.58.54

stap 5) Sew 2 loops for the belt

step 6) Sew arm and side seems closed. Don’t forget to put the loops in between the side seams.

2015-10-25 18.30.36

According to the pattern you now have to finish the edges with biais tape but I don’t really like biais tape and I wanted to make a warm bathrobe with no visible seams so I continued as follows:

step 7) Repeat the previous steps for the toweling fabric. You don’t have to make loops this time.

2015-10-25 18.50.18

step 8) Sew the edges of the hood, front panel and bottom together right sides matching. Leave a turning hole in the bottom seam of about 6″/15cm.

2015-10-25 19.10.34

step 9) Turn the bathrobe right side out and stitch the turning hole closed. I topstitched the entire bottom of the bathrobe.2015-10-25 19.21.02

step 10) Finish the sleeves. I folded the edges of the knit fabric and the toweling fabric towards the inside and stitched through all the layers with my twin needle. If you like to work with biais tape, you can use it for a neat finish.

step 11) Make the belt. Stitch both fabrics together, right sides facing and leave an opening of about 6″/15cm to turn the belt right side out. Topstitch all around the edges.

2015-10-30 09.57.03 - kopie

Princess Alyssa was happy with her bathrobe and didn’t mind posing for Runa’s camera.


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  1. Runa

    Ze staat er prachtig mee en ze vindt het fijn om aan te doen.
    Nog eens een dikke dank je wel xxx

    • Peggy Sew

      Graag gedaan, en bedankt voor de leuke foto’s!

  2. Davina

    Heel leuk! Dit ga ik ook eens proberen en door jouw fototutorial ook heel erg duidelijk, bedankt!

    • Peggy Sew

      Bedankt voor je sympathieke reactie! Veel succes ermee

  3. Tinne

    Leuke blog, had deze mooie badjas al is in het echt mogen bewonderen. Mooi gedaan Tinneke!

    • Peggy Sew

      Bedankt voor je fijne reactie!

  4. beth Syme

    this is so precious! you do such great work!!! your so talented! 🙂

  5. beth Syme

    This is so precious and beautiful!! you are so talented, you do such amazing work!! xoxoxo

  6. patricia

    Beste ,
    Hoeveel stof heb je nogig voor maat 122

    MVG Patricia

  7. walraevens carine

    hallo ik kan het niet downloaden want ik moet eerst aanpassingen aanvaarden kan dit kwaad als je dit doet grtjs carine